Vanda Kujbus

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gobabis - Fashion up!

Written by Vanda

So we moved in to the new place. As I remember vaguely the warning voices of my dear Grandma „don’t wash your hair in cold water because it is not good and you will lose all of it eventually” from my childhood, I decide to make the-first-time-in-my-life afro braids, so that I wouldn’t need to expose my poor hair to torture that often. Belinda takes us to her hairdresser, Miriam and tells her that if she doesn’t do a good job on me, she (Belinda) will tell everybody that she (Miriam) was gay! Miriam turns all red and starts to smile shyly and says nooo! (What a "threat" btw! :D ) She offers to do it for 100 NAD (2200 HUF/7,5 EUR) so it would be stupid to refuse it. Wow, I couldn’t get it this cheap even in Hungary!

We have to wait for an hour though so we walk around to get to know the other street of Gobabis. I think by the time we have walked through that, we have learnt almost 70% of Gobabis.

After our quick walk we return to the hairdresser, who is still working a little bit on the previous guest. She applies hair extensions with a needle as thick as my little finger, and when she sews through the lady’s braids, I can feel she has to put all her power into that push so that needle would go through the "patient's" hairlocks. Her collegue is ironing another guest’s hair, she’s also pulling it like as if it was a pulling contest and the winner gets 1000$, and then irons and dries it until the hair starts smoking. Based on what I see on both of the hairdressers, I start to regret my decision. That cold water doesn’t seem so threatening anymore. But I can’t bail on Belinda, I stay.

When it’s my turn, I’m sitting on her chair with trembling legs and can only hope that I’ll have at least half of my hair left by the end of the procedure, but she was surprisingly very gentle and pulled a bit too much only a few times. But hey, no pain no gain. She spends around 2 hours, even though she braids very fast. Although I have to note that at the beginning she kept disappearing for a few minutes without saying anything.


Again, I got assured that work related stress doesn’t exist here. And Miriam is also very environment friendly, as  she also doesn't waste paper on receipts.

Braiding complete

Anyway, I’m very satisfied with the final product. She says it can last up to 3 weeks, so I’m already looking forward to our next meeting, and a different hairstyle. Sigi tells me later that my hair is a bit better for them to handle, as it is soft and easier to work on, whereas their hair is very hard to shape, and they have to put all their effort if they want to give it a form somehow.


Now I'm safe from washing my hair in cold water for a while. However, Miriam advises that I spray some liquid on my scalp at least 2 times a day to keep my head moisturized. Apparently there is a product called braid spray, which I have never heard in my life before. This new learning amazes me.

braid spray

As we step out of the salon, all of a sudden I attract all the attention on the streets. People are turning around after me, both men and women, little kids even stop to stare at me! :D  I smile at them, they smile back, and everybody is happy. I have to get used to this attention. :)

Ok, one problem is sorted out. Next, we need to find out what can we eat without a fridge, which wouldn’t go bad in this heat and doesnt need to be cooked. Typical first world problems right? I think we have to settle for our holy trinity – cucumber, peppers, tomatoes extended with the apostolate of some fruits, dried meat, tuna and bread. I already have hard times eating these and I don’t know how long can I survive on them until I won’t be able to look at them anymore. But come on it’s not even 2 weeks since we are here! I can do it! I’m slowly becoming a paleo person, and honestly I can’t understand how do they even exist!