Vanda Kujbus

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gobabis - good news!

Written by Vanda

I’m geting tired of cucumbers and bell peppers. The lack of a fridge feels worse and worse. They start haunting me in my nightmares, where I am sentenced to eat them until the rest of my life. I have to realize again that I have never really appreciated that white, old, humming friend in Copenhagen. Although maybe it's not so bad being on a diet and eat some very simple foods.

breakfast 1
breakfast 2
breakfast 3

But then light shines upon me! Belinda calls that she managed to arrange a trip to Donkerbos and we leave tomorrow! Great, I can take a closer look on my coffee trees!

We are going together with a girl called Ella, who works for an organization, OMBA Arts Trust, which buys beads made from ostrich eggshells in Donkerbos, and forwards it to other farms in order to make final products sold on the market. What is sympathic about them, is that they care for their „employees” and if they work hard, they can receive quite a lot of money (well... a lot in Namibian standards). It turns out that they are present also at the Namibia Craft Center, so I will definitely go back to visit and potentially buy up a lot of stuffs. Finally an organization who I can trust that they don’t care only for their own profit!


Jewellery made from ostrich eggshell beads
Christmas decoration made from ostrich eggshell beads

Yaaayy! Something is happening, finally I will get closer to pick a topic to focus on and as plus, finally some break from the peppers!

We prepare for the trip, and buy food which is enough for weeks, yet we still doubt it will last for 4 days. 2 full backpacks, one massive shoppingbagful of food and we are set to leave. Ella's, Belinda's, Emily's (Belinda's little daughter) and our stuffs take up half of the space in the car, which for an outsider might look like as if we would prepare for a few months trip. The other half is reserved to Oba and his family, who finally can go back home after 3 months! Now we look like as if we wouldn’t know how to pack properly. Finally the car is officially 110% full, not even a pen can be squeezed in anymore.


leaving to Donkerbos

Everything is set, let’s rock!