Vanda Kujbus

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gobabis - Let's camp!

Written by Vanda

Getting rid of Ernie's

After recovering from the first trauma of the local understanding of price/value, we eat our breakfast, which we only hope would not lock us into the toilet for the rest of the day. Based on what we have seen in the room, it might be better that we haven’t seen the kitchen. What we don’t know doesn’t hurt after all. Although the number of people in the breakfast hall might be a good indicator of food quality.

Ernie's bistro inside

The breakfast is as bad as the staff's attitude. We get 2 fried eggs swimming in oil, a piece of sausage with questionable taste and some toasted bread. I'm not the type of preson who likes to throw food out, but this is challenging even for me. The only good thing in breakfast was coffee, at least they gave us a manly size of cup, which can keep me awake even until tomorrow.

We are almost ready to leave to check out the camping, when Belinda drives by to ask how are we and if we are ready to go to the office. We tell her that we found a cheaper place yesterday and we would like to check it out. No mentions of cockroaches and food and the grumpy staff, as we have just met, what if she will think we are rude? We don't know the local etiquett after all. She doesn't seem grumpy, and offers to drive us to the place. However, she warns that it's a bit too far.

Well, on google maps it was 1,5 km away from the "city center" so we take our chances. The locals have a funny understanding about distances. I guess if you go everywhere in a car, 1,5 km could be challenging to walk.

We don't need to think twice when arrive to the camping, we decide to come here instead.

We check out of Ernie's, and it can be seen that these guys are very environment friendly, they don’t waste paper on unnecessary things such as an invoice. I keep seeing smart people around! We should learn from them!

Goba lodge

There is a massive difference between the camping and Ernie’s. Ok, we don’t have our own shower, toilet and fridge, neither any breakfast included, but on the other hand, there is a common area for cooking with a fridge, and public bathrooms with toilets around a few meters away from our room. Nothing fancy, but the atmosphere compensates for everything! Everybody is super friendly and smiling at us all the time, we really feel welcomed there. Everything is extremely clean and well-kept. It is a charming place indeed.

Goba lodge rooms and common area
Goba lodge camping
goba lodge backyard
goba lodge

They have a mini „zoo” with some funny animals unusual to us. Even their wifi is good. Of course it is a bit challenging to watch videos, but for browsing and staying in connection with friends and relatives it’s perfect. We are very happy with this place. Now we can lean back and start focusing on more important things. I came here to work after all!

goba lodge zoo

After the first impression – mainly about the very friendly and smiling staff – I hope that people are treated nicley and they get a better salary than the average.

I wonder though how busy the place is, as we hardly see any other people around. Yeah, who  would come to Gobabis if you have all those wonderfuld things in the other parts of the country. Maybe we are just out of season. Anyway, we like it more than Ernie's.