Vanda Kujbus

Monday, April 3, 2017

Gobabis - moving on

Written by Vanda K.

Life progresses

After returning from the enlightening weekend spent in Donkerbos, it’s time to return to normal life. Even though we spent only 4 days out there, it felt like weeks and I have never ever been happier for a cold shower!

It also comes handy that Belinda has a strong amazon type of personality so we can keep a smaller office instead of moving out completely. Perfect, just before we would start to produce serious internet deprivation symptoms! What is more important, we can borrow the old unused fridge in the office! I already see it filled up with goodies we have never dared to dream of in here – meat and dairy for me, ice-cream for Sigi. Priorities... Right? Finally we can start to eat normal food. At least I thought at the time. We leveled up with our food making devices, and bougth an electrical hot plate, a bowl and 2 pans.

Getting a fridge
First cooking
Boiling food

However, the pans have not survived even 4 times on the electrical plates, starting to burn whatever was inside, and the minimum 120 NAD (2600 HUF/8,64 EUR) worth loss discourages us to experiment with new ones. The lack of hot water to wash dishes properly, and morover, a normal size of sink to wash them on the first place without splashing water all around you does not motivate us to clean up the mess either, and combined with the need of set up and pack up the whole „kitchen” every time when we want to eat something normal, we think twice all the time whether it’s worthy to invest precious time and energy into cooking. The fridge is full of fruits and they are healthy anyways. This is not really sustainable however, knowing fruit prices, but eating too much meat is not that healthy, as some wise men would claim.

plum vs meat price

The time has also come to refresh my hairstyle, as more hair is out of the braids then good sense of style would deserve, so challenge accepted! Get rid of those braids!

5 hours later and half of my hair ending up in my palms the results in a shape I have never seen my hair before, and would even sell my soul to the devil if it would remain like this badass rockstar forever!

Me without braids

I’m playing with the idea to leave my hair let down for longer, but the half an hour ritual like preparation (boiling water, prepare a bowl and the pot for rinsing shampoo out) for a 3 times a week hairwash reveals the comfort of the no-need-to-touch-braids.

hair leftovers
washing hair

And what about the thesis?

In the meantime we spend numerous sleepless nights, endless discussions and inspirational glasses of wines with Sigi on what should my thesis be about. Should I stick with the coffee tree? No pre-existing information on it apart from a few chapters in some books, would bring me hard times considering I have only 2 months to discover all its potentials. Discover what could motivate people to put an effort into anything?

me thinking what to write about

That’s rather a psychological question which is out of the scope of my Agricultural/Food industrial background. Also requires way more time than 2 months.

Mopane worms? Sounds...

  • Easy to build on existing research? Yes!
  • Is it related to food and nutriton to a degree? Yes!!
  • Can I bring something meaningful out of this 2 month stay? Yesss!!!

So mopane worms it is! Looking forward to the upcoming adventures!