Vanda Kujbus

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gobabis – Navigating through internet options

Written by Vanda

The 1 GB internet is almost about  to expire. It is still hard to get used to life without being connected to the rest of the world constantly but hopefully I can recharge some data today. You would ask why do I make such a big fuss about it, but tomorrow is the official Independence day, a public holiday, and people were wishing me „good long weekend” already on Thursday, so I think long weekend means something different than at home... (It is indeed not a bad place to live at all!)

Since the unlimited internet is moving back to Windhoek together with DRFN office furniture, we have to do something with the situation. But what can we do?

There are only 2 network providers in the whole Namibia (TN mobiles and MTC), and both of them are crazy expensive. Well, compared to what we pay for internet in Denmark at least. We got spoiled there a little bit I suppose, but hey, it takes some time to get used to live on 8 GB a month (4 GB/person) instead of 200 GB.  

You would say ok, but it’s cheap at least. Well NO. 200 GB costs 350 DKK (14 350 HUF / 46 EUR) a month shared between all our devices - 2 phones and 2 laptops - whereas after all the math, these 8 gigs would cost us 129 DKK (5289 HUF / 17 EUR) a month. Almost half price, but only for a fraction of data. But at least it includes 700 SMSs and 100 minutes free calls. Who writes SMSs still in these days?!

This is not sustainable, considering I am supposed to do some research after all.

 Of course there are more reasonable prices if you commit to a contract, but it’s at least for 2 years and have to offer them your soul, so it is not an option for us, we stick to our pre-paid sim cards. At TN they offer us unlimited data usage for 1000 NAD (22 000 HUF/ 72 EUR), but let’s not make any hasty decisions.

At MTC we find out we can set up our plan for the week and we can easily change those 700 messages and 100minute calls into 2 GB data and 600 extra MB social media. Not bad for such a Facebook addict like me. Of course there is a little bit of extra cost, but the difference is negligable. Now we have 16 GB for the month. Woooow I feel like a boss and can throw data around now!

Funny thing though, which I asked myself, that when on Earth would I get into the same situation with a person in Denmark:

We are standing at the counter, waiting for our payments to be processed. Im wearing a tanktop t-shirt, and a random lady next to me looks at my shoulder, pulls away the stripe and touches my shoulder which is still toasted from the day I forgot to put sunscreen on (at the very first time in Windhoek) and asks me: „oh my god, what happened to your shoulder, it looks very bad! Aw, take care, the sun is very hot in here!”

my burnt shoulder

I so like that everybody is so social and open, I’m definitely going to miss this when I go back to Denmark.