Vanda Kujbus

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gobabis - Networking, networking, networking!

Written by Vanda

Bad news

Belinda opens the morning with sad news – our trip to Donkerbos is cancelled ? She says the DRFN doesn’t have enough budget for traveling costs and anyway, my local supervisor, Ben, has some concerns regarding our safety and road conditions. As Donkerbos is 200+ kms away from Gobabis, without any electricity, proper roads, network and hospital in near. He is worried of our safety.

From Gobabis to Donkerbos

Instead, he suggests to visit the closer farms, Skoonheid (~100 km) and Drimiopsis (~50 km) nearby, with the safety of road, closeness and network coverage. We tell him our ideas based on what we were talking about with Oba, and then we have to do what we always do – wait...

It's moving time!

In the meantime we ask Belinda if she knows someone, who could use some extra income and has some empty space for us for the time we are here. Our current monthly „rent” is 11 800 NAD a month (130 000 HUF / 424 EUR), which is not bad considering our bad luck with housing so far, but if we manage to trim on it a little, we can maybe pay for fuel so she could also visit the farm more than originally intended. She likes the idea and makes a few phone calls then tells us that actually she does know someone who happens to have a room for 1500 NAD a month (33 000 HUF/ 108 EUR), but... BUT... it has no warm water.

Hmm... what should we do... Hmmmm.... We process the information, evaluate... discuss... think about it again... A place without hot water? I don’t know... Especially when I’m used to take showers in boiling water... a tough decision to make... Comfort, and living up most of our savings and potentially not being able to travel vs. trying to survive cold water with the potential of saving up some extra money for traveling both more to the farms and around Namibia a bit before we go back to Denmark...

We check the place. The neighborhood looks very calm and quite, we are surrounded by nice houses. It is around 5 minutes walk from the "city center" but already feels a remote suburb.

Neighbor with nice garden
neighbor with big cactus
neighbor with big fence
neighbor with pretty house

The owner is Belinda’s friend, who also used to work at the DRFN, so it could potentially even beneficial for the thesis if we decide to stay. Her house is also surrounded by electrical wires, so this is already a good sign of safety. The room is in their backyard, and has its own toilet and shower, and basically that’s it. Well, it’s not a 5 star hotel but hey, we are here only for 2,5 months anyway. She says we can also use their washing machine and can dry our stuffs on their ropes. That’s it, sold! It's a minor detail that we neither will have a fridge, but that's a problem of tomorrow. Belinda says there's a fridge in the office what we can borrow so we are not that worried but courageous, and take the opportunity. And return to the caming for our last dinner and hot water.

New home outside
New home, inside

Farewell Goba lodge!

Just before we would go to sleep, Sigi randomly starts chatting with a guy in the common kitchen, and 1-2 hours later when the guy goes to get his meal off from the stove, we realize that aah so that’s how easy it is to make friends in here! So nice, reasons keep gathering why we should consider moving here. We're still chatting when the night-guard arrives for his shift-starting coffee, and he randomly joins the conversation. As we find out that he speaks the world’s most interesting – in my opinion at least – language with click sounds, we ask him to teach us something. An additional 2 hours later we still struggle, trying to at least act as if we could repeat the clicks but I think it’s almost impossible.

As we express interest, he opens up a little bit, and tells us that he is living on the location. Whaaat? you work at a place like this and you can afford only the location?? How much do you receive in here? 1200 NAD. Again, whaaaat? So the owners are no different in here either! I feel so bad for him, he seems like a kind person, he should deserve better! But on this note he realizes that he should better get back to work, he was away from his post for several hours after all. (Yeah, for 1200 NAD I wouldn't sweat either...)

We go to sleep with nice memories from this place and already start missing the fridge and warm water.