Vanda Kujbus

Monday, March 13, 2017

Gobabis - The journey

Written by Vanda

Leaving from Windhoek

08 AM – We wake up early to be ready to leave as soon as we receive the call from the DRFN guys. The funny thing is, that we do receive the awaited call, but the only thing Bia says with a sleepy voice is, that „A guy is coming to pick us up at 10 and will drive you to Goabis. Can you explain where you live? (*yeah sure, I’m here for 4 days, I totally can explain him where to drive...*) Ok then this is his number, have fun.”  And then hangs the phone....

Uuuhm... What?? Both Sigi and I stare at the silent phone, clueless, with huge question marks in our heads. Uuh... what has just happened? So... no briefing? No meeting with our supposed-to-be-collegues? Uuhhh... That’s weird... ok... so we wait...

09.30 AM – I call the driver, but he has such a loud music playing in the background that I cant hear what he says. His English is not so good so he doesnt understand me either. Good start... I try to tell him the street name but he doesn’t know where it is, and after a few seconds of silence eventually he says ok he will call me back and hangs up.

10.30 AM – Hmm... Where could he be... 

11. AM – crickets chirping...

11.30 AM – from my previous Kenyan trip I already got an insight into the African understanding of time and punctualty, but even I start wondering about where can he be. Ok ok, I have nothing to say, as neither am I the embodiment of punctuality, but at least I try to limit myself to a maximum 30min delay...

12.00 – Finally! He calls that he is here! We say a last goodbye to Anna, and leave to Gobabis in his tiny car.

We start driving but all of a sudden he stops at some sort of square, gets out of the car and disappears without saying anything. We stay in the car, look around, *blink blink...* what is happening now? After a good 5 minutes he comes back and says well... we have too much luggage so he can’t squeeze a 3rd person into the car so we have to pay the 3rd person’s price too to Gobabis...

uuuh.... Whaaaattt??? :D Nice job btw, now we can’t even say no, because what can we do? Get out of the car with 55 bags and look for another ride when it's shouting from us that we are tourists and rip-off materials.

So we agree on the price, 500 NAD (36 EUR / 11 000 HUF), and have no idea if it is reasonable or not. I can only rely on my blurry memories from Hungarian transport prices and eventually convince myself that it was a reasonable price. Not that we can do anything else. Let's  just go!

The road to Gobabis

During almost the entire trip the guy remains quiet. I sit in front, Sigi in the back. Our driver listens to a very lound Backstreet Boys type of music (cool taste in music bro!) so we can’t really hear each other. Silence sits upon the whole car. I feel awkward, these few hours are going to be very looong.

At least the way there is perfect for those people like me, who can get lost easily, as there is only one road to follow, no turns as soon as we are out of Windhoek. I just start to understand the small population size of Namibia as during the whole time until the 253 km-s-away-destination, we pass by only two towns and hardly see anything apart from nature and a few cars.

Road to Gobabis

At the second town he stops again, without saying anything of course, gets out of the car and disappears again. We are not even surprised anymore, just get out of the car to stretch our legs a bit. It was a long 1,5 hours after all. When he comes back, a little boy is also coming with him. He opens the trunk and starts to throw out 4-5 big 5 kg candy bags each and some small ones. You little...!  of course you couldn’t have more space for another passenger, because you were also dealing with your own business!? I think universities should hire these guys to teach business instead of some fancy professors.

We swap seats with Sigi, and thaks God he tries to break the silence. It turns out that after all our driver is not silent because he hates us but because he is a bit unconfident with his English and suddenly starts showing things to Sigi and engage in the conversation. The hero! ;)

 After some time as long as eternity we arrive to Gobabis! Cool, can't wait to see what's going to happen!

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