Vanda Kujbus

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Windhoek - Arrival

Written by Vanda

Windhoek Airport

After a long trip of 23 hours finally we arrive to Namibia. The airplane is landing, the only things we see under us are some bush-looking trees and nothing else. Yes, it is beautiful but where is the city?!

The international airport is very tiny, and it doesn’t even need to  be bigger, as its traffic consists of like what... 10-15 flights a day? But at least we didnt need to spend hours in line for our document checks.

Windhoek airport view

Considering we are in the rainy season, the sun is shining, my shoulders started to burn just after spending only a few minutes under the sun. Bia, a DRFN collegue, who was picking us up from the airport was very nice and took us to our airbnb accommodation where we will spend 4 nights. She says if we protect our bags strong enough with our arms eg., then there should be no problem. Hmm... Should we worry?...

Taking over our AirBnB

The host lady, Anna, is very nice and helpful. This is my first airbnb experience and so far so good. She introduces the room, and warns us not to leave any valuables next to the window, and not to forget to lock the door during nights. When she gives us the keys and remote control to the main gate, she mentiones a so called „panic button” which we could press in case we would feel insecure. These are the first strange things we notice about Windhoek.

AirBnB entrance
AirBnB room entrance

Settling down and stocking up with food

Anna tells us that we are in a high income area of the city, and in the last two years due to some government cut offs, a lot of people have lost their jobs, by which they feel encouraged to „get income from somewhere else” and therefore, everybody is super conscieus of their properties. She says she had never experienced any break-ins, but better safe than sorry.

She drove us to he local shopping center to get sim cards, adapters and some food. The first shock hits us immediately. The fruit/vegetable selection is very poor and on top of that... 45 NAD (3,3 EUR/1015 HUF) for a kg yelllow/red bell peppers? Seriously?? And prices follow this pattern. After some calculations we figure out that prices are rather close to Scandinavian countries than to Africans.  Maybe it’s not so bad in Africa after all? We consider to move here, better climate, friendlier people than in Denmark. We hope that these prices were just adjusted to the high income area, we hope for a better tomorrow.

Another thing we noticed was the amount of white people around. As this is my second time in Africa, and knowing that whites consits only 8% of Namibia, they were surprisingly all over the place. In this way it was a bit easier to „blend in” and we didn’t become walking „I’m a tourist, rip me off please” signs.