Vanda Kujbus

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Windhoek - Closing remarks

Written by Vanda

By our last day we almost have seen everything which is worths a visit according to our standards, so there has not been much left. By this I mean that there are some cute churches, museums and a gallery in which others might be interested, but as we are not that museums-kind-of-people, we skipped them. So we decided just to take a walk again, grab some fruits and vegetables, our new best friends in the city and then chill at home and prepare for the travel next day.

When we try to make a few videos about the neighborhood, a guy from the opposite garden warns us not to show off with that camera if we don’t want trouble for ourselves. What’s with all these people try to scare us all the time?? We kind of listen to him, and take the camera off of the stick, and keep it in our hands to sort of hide it, and try to make shoots like that. Personally I wouldn’t recommend to take videos like that if you don’t have any fancy stabilizing devices, as it will shake so much that you will get dizzy by just watching the „movie”.

AirBnB neighborhood

When you are in small towns like Windhoek, you have to calculate that all shops close very early on weekends, so the only option to fill up the food resources was another shopping mall a few streets further away from the main road. So many shopping malls for such a small city right? Very modern.

In front of the shopping mall there is a „mini vegetable market” run by old ladies, and it is so crowded, we don’t really want to flash with the camera. We felt a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of people and eyes constantly glaring at us. After we had finished and left the shop, we had to go through the barricade made by taxi drivers, who kept offering us rides to various parts of the city for „good price”. Honestly it was a bit intimidating and the only thing we wanted was to get out from there asap, but nothing bad happened eventually. We suspect that our backpacks and clothing makes us to look very touristy and thats why we attract a lot of attention.

As there has almost nothing have left to be seen, we decide to go home, relax, and prepare for the big day tomorrow.

In a short summary, the city of Windhoek itself does not have a lot of things to offer from a touristic point of view. Namibia is rather famous of its natural beauties such as national parks and sand dunes (which are yet to be visited). However, it is a good starting point if you decide to rent a car plan your own holidays instead of participating in an arranged one, as most of the car rentals are situated there. If you are not lazy to walk a few km-s, and don’t have high living standards, you can find accommodation through airbnb easily. People are very friendly and helpful, and everybody speaks English so you won’t get lost.